Mea culpa – “through my fault” or more colloquially – “Me bad!”


I have been feeling guilty for a while now about not adding posts to my blog. We have just started our journey as a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school and so I am tossing around ideas of how I can use the many opportunities GAFE offers. While playing around with Google Sites I began to reflect on how best I could record what I know is my own personal teacher inquiry – my Student Planner approach to teaching. This led me to look back at my Scrapbook Teacher blog. Reading back through the entries, I realise what an awesome record they are of my teaching and reflection. I am also disappointed that I have not recorded my journey for this year. So this post is the start of addressing this. Looking at the blog about how the government treats teachers made me realise we are no better off – in fact with IES we are probably even worse. So now I need to become more disciplined at how I balance my many tasks as a teacher (which needs to include blog entries) and still have a home and personal life. But as it is late now – I must turn off my computer and go to bed to read a book. Knowing me, my dreams will be filled with teaching ideas as I have spent most of the evening on my computer doing teaching related tasks – good thing it is my passion!


About hhenkin

I am a Year 5/6 class teacher and an ICT Lead Teacher at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Howick. I am passionately committed to quality Catholic education that allows each student to achieve their full potential. I believe that every student deserves to shine like the unique star that they are and I live by the maxim - "Treat others as you would like to be treated".

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