Child Driven Education


After being inspired by EduCafe 2013, I have been on a quest to research what people think 21st Century learning should look like or feel like etc. In the process I stumbled upon this TED Talk video and thought I would record it on my blog as this is going to record my learning journey and if anyone is following my blog, you might be interested in what Sugata Mitra has to say about education.


About hhenkin

I am a Year 5/6 class teacher and an ICT Lead Teacher at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Howick. I am passionately committed to quality Catholic education that allows each student to achieve their full potential. I believe that every student deserves to shine like the unique star that they are and I live by the maxim - "Treat others as you would like to be treated".

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  1. Awesome video!!! Really makes you think.. this is the sort if stuff we should be watching in staff meetings.
    I think i might try what he did in Italy, except put the questions up in Italian instead of English!!

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