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Child Driven Education


After being inspired by EduCafe 2013, I have been on a quest to research what people think 21st Century learning should look like or feel like etc. In the process I stumbled upon this TED Talk video and thought I would record it on my blog as this is going to record my learning journey and if anyone is following my blog, you might be interested in what Sugata Mitra has to say about education.


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I’ve felt really guilty that it has been so long since I last added a post to my blog. After attending the first EduCafe on Thursday 23 May that was organised by Emma Winder, I was inspired again to reflect on my teaching and so I read through my blog entries. Although there are not many of them, I was proud of how they reflect what I constantly try to achieve in the learning environment I create. They also provide a record of the ways in which I have put my teaching philosophy into action and so provide some of the evidence I will need for renewal of teacher registration.

Of course the reason I have not added blog entries for so long is because my teaching days are so full already, I find it difficult to find the time to do all the paperwork I should and of course that would include blog entries. But after reading the entries, I realised that even if no one ever reads my blog entries – they allow me to look back on what I have done in the past and this can help me plan for the future. So I now plan to add blog entries more often to document my teaching.